Ah, nature!

Have you ever taken your time to actually feel nature? Not just look at it and say “Oh, so beautiful!” Have you ever felt nature with your whole being? I have! And this feeling is amazing … it can’t be described with words, but with photographs … maybe we will succeed. 





There is nothing more relaxing than looking up and seeing the rays of the sun peeking through the branches of the tall trees. It makes you feel at home somehow… You feel hopeful, filled with love and appreciation. 



 And when you think that the day is going away, the experience becomes a memory, then comes the sunset and fills you to the brim with positivity. Relaxes you and leaves you in awe!        And the night envelops you like a soft blanket. Protects you and holds you close.       And the trees become mysterious shadows, towering over you, letting you walk underneath a veil of beauty, woven like an intricate Norse knot – beautiful and astonishing.



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